chiari angel

chiari angel

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's okay to fall apart sometimes....

My cousin came to visit the other day. It had been awhile since we were together and I was having a particularly bad day. One of those days where the tiredness had settled into my bones and no amount of sleep would do. I was so happy to have the company though because sometimes distraction can be the best medicine and besides my dear sweet cousin can always  make me laugh. Oh the good times we have had together. As close as sisters and know each others most intimate secrets. The look on her face when I opened the door...I knew what she was thinking. That I looked bad,tired. puffy. Can't hide anything from her. We started with the usual talk about what we had been up to since we were last together. She always has good stories to tell me. Then all at once I don't know what happened but the flood gates broke loose and I sobbed and so did she. And we were hugging each other for dear life. I told her I was sorry for falling apart. She said 'don't ever apologize for showing emotion, don't hold it in,that's what family is for. She is right,I remembered the times we were there for one another,picking each other off the floor after some life changing event.. Always holding each other up from the time we were kids until now. 'Promise me you won't give up' she said. I made that promise to her and I will keep it because I need to be there for her too.It is okay to fall apart's not a sign of weakness but strength. And when you let the tears flow with the  right person can be helpful. A sense of relief. My cousin is a special person and I love her so much.

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