chiari angel

chiari angel

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cause of Death

Mrs. McGee... I'm afraid your son is brain dead... His herniated brain stem collapsed and crushed his spinal column...My body went numb and I wanted to puke. I felt my legs start to buckle..the room was spinning. Somewhere in the distance I heard my daughter scream but she was standing right beside me. I wanted to scream myself but the only thing that would come out of my mouth was NO God NO! I know what 'brain dead' means and I didn't believe it. Just 20 minutes earlier he asked me for the urinal and upon using it he vomited and had a seizure.He made a deep guttural sound and he was gone.That sound I will never forget and keeps me awake at night. Now he was laying here lifeless his head hanging to the side as if his neck were broken. His eyes were open but with a fixed glare. I begged him to speak to move...squeeze my hand... anything. No one told me Chiari could cause brain death. What happened? This is not supposed to happen,I was told something like this never happens! I shook my fists in the air..Please God take me,take me! Not my son! I cried out to my son.. Oh Ryan..mama is so sorry!.. my beautiful brave boy! If only they had listened to us...they saw him getting worse...I begged for help! Why would no one listen? My dear son was not mentally ill. His brain stem was pressing on his spinal cord. My son should not have died. I remember the frightened look on his face when just one week before he was pronounced brain dead the doctor came in his room and announced 'chiari is no big just need to toughen up'. I hope those words he spouted to my dying son haunt him for the rest of his life!When are they going to listen? many more are going to die before the doctors that are supposed to care for us wise up? Cause of death..ignorance..lack of concern for my precious son.

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  1. Dear Dear Zona, I do feel more and more positive these days for the future of our children to not suffer. I will fight till my last breath getting out the information about chiari and its effects on us all. Please know you are not alone. We are Mama Bears and have started a war to educate the world about living with chiari and its related disorders.