chiari angel

chiari angel

Thursday, February 21, 2013

doctors appointment...

I had my nephrologist appointment today at 3 and just now got home! I got out of the doctors office around 5 or so but hit terrible traffic on the way home. I am exhausted! Waiting on my labs to come far it says my red blood cell distribution is elevated to 17.2%. WBC elevated to 11.8. No word yet on my gfr or creatinine. Which is odd because that is usually the first to appear on my labs. But they were having computer problems today so that could be the reason they are not posted yet. She did say she wants to have labs done more often and have me see the n.p. more often between visits to her. So I have an appointment with my nurse Jan in a week or two.She was not very happy with the swelling in my feet and legs so she increased my lasix to 8 pills a day at 40mill. each! Plus another water pill to take along with it!

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