chiari angel

chiari angel

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Somewhere in this world Ryan's organs are helping someone live a full and healthy life. His heart is beating in someones chest. His lungs are breathing life into someone who couldn't breath before without a struggle. His right kidney is filtering toxins out of someones body. His left kidney is doing the same in my body. Thanks to my son's gift I am healthier  than I have been in years. His pancreas and liver saved two other lives as well. Because of Ryan's gifts of life I have found some peace..even if it is just a little. I still grieve..I still hurt... I still want him here.. but at least I have the comfort of knowing a piece of my son  lives on. Fulfilling someones dreams even if not his own. I wonder if they know the pain he endured in his last days and what a special and kind person he was. The sacrifice he made. If I could speak to them I would say... live life and enjoy every moment....take special care in the gift you have been given....don't take anything for granted....his life had meaning and purpose. Ryan would be happy to know he was able to help someone else. That is what he did in this life as well as the afterlife. My son my Hero...I had 20 precious years with the privilege of being his mom. He was the greatest young man I had ever known.


  1. Zona I will continue to pray until no one else passes away due to no cure for Chiari and any other related neurological conditions. No one else should lose a child, a parent, a sibling, a grandchild, a spouse and or a friend. I praise Ryan for his gallantry and foresight to help others in their moment of need regardless of who they are. Thank you for all you are doing to raise awareness to Conquer Chiari and Organ Donation. May God bless you and your family. Your friend in Christ. Maria "Maruchy" Mendoza

    1. Thank you Maria, and thank you for all the support and prayer you have given me and mt family.

  2. Samantha Chandler MarshallOctober 31, 2013 at 3:08 PM

    Zona I am behind you 100% in helping to raise awareness for this horrible condition that I also suffer. It's deadly in so many ways and its something that Doctors are clueless about, while pretending to act like they know it all, and something needs to change fast before we lose anyone else!
    RIP To my Chiari Brother and love to the whole Family Zona.
    You know if you ever need my help, I am just an inbox and a plane ride away xxx