chiari angel

chiari angel

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dance Again
I see a waltz frozen in time, dancing and spinning, spinning and dancing. My ear pressed up against his chest, I hear his heart beat over and over again. Spinning and dancing, dancing and spinning, in this... our frozen waltz in time.

Through the mist of this dance, I see a small ray of light. I know in my heart this must be the sun, inch by inch... I feel it's warmth, slowly melting our frozen waltz in time.

I cry out to the sun, no please go away... please don't wake me and make my waltz go away. Let me continue dancing and spinning and spinning and dancing in this... our frozen waltz in time.

Yet... the sun keeps coming, rising higher and higher, melting away this frozen waltz that I have danced with you for so long.

Again, I cry out, No please go away. My hands are slipping and I can't hold on and the sound of his heart is fading away, please sun... Leave us alone.

The sun is now above me and the dance floor has disappeared, but tell me sun, please tell me, why my frozen waltz is no longer here?

Then I opened my eyes, I started to smile, Oh God... It was just a dream. Me and my Son in this frozen time, dancing and spinning and spinning and dancing, in this frozen waltz in time.

Thank you God for One more waltz, One more dance with him, and when I close my eyes tonight, please let me dance again. Lisa Hart

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