chiari angel

chiari angel

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my thoughts...

I know it may seem at times that my life is consumed by this illness. As hard as I try to not let it take over my every waking moment it does interfere with everything I want to do. I simply cannot put my kidney disease away and hide it when it is not convenient to be sick. All I can do is to keep fighting. For a very long time my  life has consisted of hospitals, doctors ,tests after tests. It is hard to stay positive sometimes but I try my very best and will keep on trying. They say that a positive attitude is everything when you are ill. And I know that to be true. I hope I can leave a positive message for my kids and grandkids and have them to be able to say that I never gave up on my dreams and that I was a strong person. I still dream of a better day free from this illness and all the restraints it puts on my life. I know it will come,gotta have faith.

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