chiari angel

chiari angel

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I am so tired tonight even though I slept the whole day. It was dark outside when I finally woke up this evening. The tiredness comes with the kidney disease. It is not the kind of tired you feel after a days work. It is a different tired. I feel it in every muscle and joint and walking  even to the bathroom takes all the effort I can muster. By the time I make it to the bathroom I am out of breath. Today was the day my daughter and I usually go to the annual Christmas Village together. Neither one of us went and she spent the evening with me at home. I promised her things would be different next year. Lately I find myself falling asleep anywhere,even sitting straight up in a chair. For this reason I do not drive more than the distance between my daughters house and mine. I am honestly afraid I would fall asleep at the wheel!The fatigue and feeling so cold all the time makes me want to crawl in bed and stay there.

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  1. I am on pins and needles waiting foryou to meet your donor!! I wish I wasn't so old that I can't volunteer, but they apparently don't want a 63 year old! Do you have dates set up for the transfer yet? Keep us posted. Prayers are finally being answered for the sweetest sister ever. Love you!!