chiari angel

chiari angel

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year...

I have not made a News Years resolution but instead have a New Years have a new kidney and to be healthy in 2013. I am ready to say goodbye to 2012. God did not make it possible for me to have my transplant this past year but instead He led me down another path. A path that showed me just how strong I could be.He taught me lessons in patience...perseverance and to face my fears head on putting all my trust and faith in my Savior. Many times this past year I called out to Him to see me through when the pain was too much to bear. And every time God came to my rescue and gave me peace. When I was in the hospital the other week I was in so much pain from the pancreatitis and scared to death. Lying there praying so hard for some relief I thought to myself God where are you? Do you not hear me? All of a sudden...I heard music playing down the hall from my room. It was Amazing Grace...How sweet the sound ....peace came over me and I drifted off to sleep.I could feel God"s presence in that room with me.I don't know what this year is going to bring but I do know I can face whatever comes my way with God's help. The one prayer that I constantly  pray is that I am not taken from this earth just yet. I am not ready to go home because I want to see my grandchildren grow up...I want to see my son get married and have children of his own. My husband would not know how to get along without me.... we have been together so long. I have to much left to do and loved ones that depend on me. I know in my heart this time next year I will have my new kidney. I won't give up because where there is life there is hope.

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