chiari angel

chiari angel

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I had a great Christmas Eve with my children and grandchildren and later this morning will be having our traditional breakfast cooked by my husband and watching the kids open presents. I am especially thankful for being with my family instead of the hospital. This Christmas has been different in that it was not about presents under the tree but just being together and enjoying every moment we can.My whole perspective on things have changed so much and even though I didn't get my new kidney for Christmas I am not giving up hope that it will happen in 2013. If you are fortunate enough to be healthy then you have everything you need. Don't take it for granted. Dealing with any kind of chronic illness is hard and the holidays can make it even more stressful. This year I decided to just let go and not worry about the little stuff and trying to make everything perfect. I did not shop for presents and instead focused on the true reason we celebrate Christmas.

On another note...I am having so much trouble with infections that seem to never go away. Must be the autoimmune factor of the kidney disease.One by one I am losing my teeth and lost another one last night. I have calcium and bone loss and no doubt it is affecting my teeth.This is so distressing for me and does not help my self esteem! But I will deal with it. thankful for your health and remember those of us who are less fortunate and fighting to live to see another day...and another Christmas with our loved ones.

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