chiari angel

chiari angel

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It has been a very interesting week to say the least. Pancreatities hit me hard and I ended up in the e.r. at 4 am Monday morning. It was the worst of the 3 or 4 attacks I've far. This time I chose to go home instead of staying in the hospital. I managed to stay hydrated and stayed in bed with my pain and nausea medicine and thank God I am feeling a little stronger and better every day. They took ct scans of my pancreas and found a 9mm dilation of the head of my pancreas and a blocked bile duct. They descibed my pancreas as mildly heterogenous. Scary stuff...I have no idea why I keep getting pancreatities...never have I been known to drink alcohol not even wine! And I am not a huge fan of greasy fried food. I just happen to be one of the lucky 25% that get pancreatities for unknown reasons! I believe it is caused by my IGAN and kidney failure. All this needs further examination..problem is I can't receive the dye test because of the kidneys.For a couple of days I thought it might be pancreatic cancer and was in a state of panic,did not tell anyone except for my daughter and  I finally got an appointment with a G.I. specialist but not until Feb.4th! Frustrating!!!

So on my way home from the doctor I got a call from Vanderbilt Transplant telling me that we are back to finding another couple to swap kidneys with. The other couple did not work out for some reason. I am going to put this away for awhile and just try to have a good Christmas with my family.

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