chiari angel

chiari angel

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My stomach feels so much better today...I think I am finally over the pancreatities attack. My appetite has returned...but unfortunately I have another gum infection that is making it too painful to eat. I am having one infection after another these days. I need to go for my iron infusions but can't because of the infection. Last lab work shows my iron has dropped to 25 and I am anemic.

My sister called yesterday and has finally decided to be tested to donate her kidney to me. I know she will be turned down because of health reasons. I am going to upset some family members by saying this I know...there are people in my family who could help me but for reasons I can't understand won't even try or are too afraid. It hurts to know this because I would be first in line to do everything I could to save a life.My dear husband was tested the very day I was listed...he was not a match. My children desperately want to donate but can't because of the genetics of this disease. We just shake our heads in disbelief and ask where is family when you need them? Maybe I am being unfair...I know it is a lot to ask of someone. I just don't understand the fear or knowing you could make a difference in someone's life and instead turning your back.

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