chiari angel

chiari angel

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Waiting for the phone to ring.....

This infection and pancreatitis has really taken a toll on me...but today I have felt better and think it may finally be the end of it! I made it through Thanksgiving without having to be admitted to the was touch and go for awhile. Thanksgiving night was really a bad night because I was so swollen and had a spell of not breathing well and coughing up fluid from my lungs. The next morning when I woke up I had lost 5 pounds of water weight! My doctor has me taking a large amount of lasix 'water pills' to try to help control the edema. I take 3 of these pills in the morning and 3 in the a lasix booster called metalazone. It does not always work and I swell so bad that now the skin around my ankles is breaking down. My aunt sent me a wonderful skin cream she found specifically for this problem and it helps a lot with the burning and itching.  Dry skin and itching is common with kidney patients and I have actually scratched myself raw at times. This is because of the high phosphorus levels in our blood .

Still waiting for the call from Vandy...I jump every time the phone rings. Maybe this week they will call....I am praying. In the meantime I have a lot of appointments coming up. Thursday I see the cardiologist for my yearly exam. I am hoping and praying there are no surprises. I have a couple of defects with my heart..LBBB  heart and a heart murmur. LBBB is a problem with the electrical system of the heart that will eventually require me to get a pace maker. I am still positive all this will work out...I have too much left to do and a whole lot to live for! Come on phone...ring!!!

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