chiari angel

chiari angel

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What a night it's been...

Lord,what a rough night...I am having a gout attack and my nausea has returned. Pain in my kidneys as well. I don't think I have slept more than a couple of hours and really need to crawl back in bed but I am so nervous about today. Yesterday I called Vanderbilt Transplant to find out where things stand with the testing and the donor swap...and she said my coordinator has those results and is the only one who can tell me. She left word for her to call me . Meanwhile... I was looking over my latest labs and everything seems to have slipped a little. My numbers are looking as though my kidney function is on the decline again. This seems to happen every 2 months or so and my body goes haywire on me! Infections...gout...pancreatitis. I am really having a hard time eating because nothing tastes good and I end up sick after I eat it. Just about all I can manage right now is fruit or hard candy. Brushing my teeth even makes me want to throw up! I need to gather my strength and get through this....

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