chiari angel

chiari angel

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It Was A Wonderful Day....

Here I am awake again at 2:42 am. I woke up with another mild pancreatitis attack.I am getting so used to being in pain. And  no way am I letting a little pain put a damper on the wonderful day I had!  My kidney swap donor and I finally got to meet in person today for the first time when we went in for blood work! It was one of  the most precious moments of my life. To finally meet the person who is going to be responsible for saving my life! My son and I were walking into the clinic and right away my donor and I recognized each other! It was a very emotional meeting. I instantly felt as if I had known her my whole life! It was proof for me that God brought us together for some purpose. I feel that even if things did not work out with the transplant we were brought together for a reason. She has become part of my family,there was this instant bond between us and my son and daughter felt the same way! Even my six month old grand-daughter took to her right away and could not stop smiling when she held her! Being so ill for so long I think I see the world and the people in it differently than I used to. It is hard to explain but it is as if I am watching and observing from somewhere else at times. I can see the beautiful spirit in the people around me. I don't know if that makes any sense but it is the only way I can describe it! Thank you God for your goodness and mercy and bringing this special person into my life!

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