chiari angel

chiari angel

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ready to Live...

I did not write this poem but it really hit home with me when I read it. Sitting on the sidelines is no fun. I am ready to get out there and live! I want to run and play with my grandchildren. Walk with my husband without pain and take those trips we had planned in our old age. I want to do all those things this illness has kept me from doing.

If not for you I could feel the sun upon my face...and play with my Grandchildren along the way. I could swim in the ocean and feel the warmth of the water as it washed over me. If not for you I could walk along the white sand with my husband and feel it between my toes as when I was a child...if not for you. If not for you my life would be free from pain ... if not for hair would still be long and flowing like sun spun gold… if not for you... 


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