chiari angel

chiari angel

Monday, November 19, 2012

just a quick update...

We are still waiting on all the results from the tests for the transplant. I talked to my transplant coordinator today and she said everything so far looks good . Just have to be patient and wait for the call! I spent the day at Vanderbilt to follow up on my pancreatitis and labs show I also have a bladder infection as well as an upper respiratory infection. A round of steroids and antibiotics hopefully will clear it up. I thought for sure he was going to admit me to the hospital and was so thankful when he said lets give it a couple of days to let the antibiotics kick in. I rest so much better when at home in my own bed! I thought it was so funny when he looked at my lab results from  my kidney doctor and said,'you are on dialysis, right?' I said,' no,trying to hold off until my transplant ,then I won't need it'. He replied,' looking at these numbers that's impressive'.

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