chiari angel

chiari angel

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Everything went well with the endoscopy yesterday,but they found that my pancreas is scarred from the pancreatities attacks I have been having. They think it is due to the amount of lasix I have to take. The GI doctor is consulting with my Nephrologist to determine the next step. is time to start  dialysis since I cannot stop or cut back on the lasix. I had sort of a rough day and slept all day after the procedure. The anesthesia made me very sick to my stomach. Speaking of that...I  find myself wondering what it would be like to feel normal again with just the aches and pains that come with getting older. and free from the pain of chronic illness or kidney failure. I can't remember...

I also need to allow myself to feel at least a little excited about my cousin being tested to donate his kidney to me.I have learned not to get my hopes up and just because someone is being tested does not mean I have a donor... but I know this is something he absolutely wants to do.... and he has moved forward with the testing. He is very excited and keeps telling me "this is going to work out". He is also gathering all the information he can about living kidney donation and last night said to me..he could not understand why people are so hesitant about the whole thing  knowing what he knows now. I told him because of his decision there could be one person less on the list and he said..." I wish I could take EVERYONE off that list" ....that's why I love him so much...he gets it ...he understands.

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