chiari angel

chiari angel

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My cousin and I grew up together...there was rarely a day passed that we did not see each other. That's how it was in those days with close nit families. We are still just as  close today and even though we live far apart we talk on the phone everyday. We jokingly tell everyone we are brother and sister and it really does feel that way. He has even gotten to know my doctor on a first name basis. There have been times when I was feeling so bad and discouraged and out of the blue my phone would ring. I would pick up and immediately hear him singing "You are my sunshine only sunshine...You make me happy when skies are gray".  He instinctively knows when something is wrong and me the same with him. So it was no surprise to me when he told me he was being tested to donate his kidney. He knows I would do the same for him in a heartbeat and would give  his kidney back to him if he ever needed it! We are not even sure if he is going to match but in his words..we have to try. I also have a dear sweet niece who is being tested as well. Because of a heartbreaking tragedy a few years ago she is very much aware and a big supporter of organ donation. I am not sure if any of this will work out...I have been down this road 3 times already and you learn not to get your hopes up. I have turned it over to God completely and trust that His Will be done. One day at a time...

In the meantime I am scheduled for an endoscopy this Friday morning. They are looking at my pancreas and liver and possibly doing a biopsy. I have had issues with my pancreas for some time now and have no idea why. Maybe related to my medicines. Labs yesterday showed a small decrease in my creatinine...but nothing to get excited about, because it's very unpredictable. Hopefully,I will know more about the pancreas and liver by the weekend. Still swollen in my feet and legs,they increased my lasix yet again. 4 tablets 3 times a day EVERYDAY!

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